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I fucked over 8000 women. It’s rare I ever give a shit about any of these hoes, but I have to sat I love this horny black teen chick Minnie Chush we cast Young Black Cheerleaders #2 from Evasive Angles.

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Big Butt All-Stars: Sarah Jay – Evasive Angles

I gotta say that one of my favorite adult performers of all time is Sarah Jay! Now there was a white girl with one fine ass. That’s why we added her to Big Butt All-Stars: Sara JayEvasive Angles.

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Big Butt All-Stars: Sara Jay - Evasive Angles

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Hey, I just was taking a good look at Filthfreaks and I realized that my webmaster has kinda fucked up taste when it comes to the sluts and hoes that he likes so I sent though and hand picked a bunch of my favorite ones myself…here are a few of my favorite puffy pussies…

julie cash

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Desperate Mothers And Wives – Emma Heart

I have got to say that this is one of the hottest bitches that we’ve ever shot. Emma Heart is a brand new pornstar that we filmed for our newest Evasive Angles of Desperate Mothers And Wives 12 with Emma Heart she is one of the hottest porn bitches I’ve shot in a while. I had to nail this hot slut one time after Evan Stone did.

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Big Phat Apple Bottom Booty 17 – Zoe Santana

I gotta say, we have a ton of fun filming Big Phat Apple Bottom Booty 17 with Zoe Santana. This bitch was a total freak with and awesome black body and perfect natural tits, I was in love from the second I saw her. I made sure to give her some of the ole’ TTBoy cock before I handed her over to the male talent to pound the fuck out of her nice black puffy pussy!

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Black Pornstar Kakey XXX

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Man, me and the boys had been wandering all around South America and other Latin countries filming Hot Latin Pussy Adventures when we bumped into what could possibly be the hottest Latina Teen slut that I’ve ever seen in my life: Jenny Lopes.

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