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TT Boy was born in 1968, in Southern California. He grew up in rough situations. His mother died when he was 4 years old; he worked in an open pit mining camp in Death Valley, CA by 7; and was fighting many other fights by 10 years old; to say the least. The hard labor gave Troy strength. He could bench press almost 3 times his weight by 13, and did the most pull-ups and push-ups in high school. Teachers for some reason had a problem teaching Bad Boy TT, and were very prejudice towards him. One incident finally pushed TT to chase one teacher out of class, and down the hallways; needless to say, he was expelled by 16. Not being in school, and not having much else to do Troy went to work full time in a truck shop as a diesel mechanic. Without an education, his future seemed doomed to working as an ignorant grease monkey in the hot desert sun! One lucky summer day, his uncle, aka Dirty Harry, a bus driver then, had a Mob/Gambino friend from the Bronx days that owned a big porn company. Harry knew Troy was trying to break in the biz, which was almost impossible in the 80's. So he made the connection with Mr. Segal. That one meeting turned into the gateway into freedom! Mr. Segal introduced TT to World Modeling Kingpin, Jim South. This was important to Troy, because he had lots of energy and one release for him that he noticed at a young age was girls, and sex. Troy loved girls by the age of 6, and dreamt about them all day and night long. 12 years old was his first time, and he was a natural, after 4 hours the girl begged for mercy. His first love Shannon loved him for his 4 to 6 hours a day of hot sex. Troy quickly rose through the ranks of porn performing novice, to pro, to super stud. The business had never seen anyone quite like TT Boy! He was able to do up to 5 scenes a day, with it being an average of 3 scenes a day for usually 25 days a month, year in, and year out. TT Boy never failed once in his performance. Not only could TT do this incredible feat, but he was also always in top physical condition with solid muscle, and incredible cardio. TT's notoriety grew worldwide quickly, he was known for turning in explosive high energy scenes and even though TT was not an ass-kissing politician he won many, many awards. Female performers loved him, they would get the hottest and easiest scenes from TT, and they never waited on a soft dick. Directors had to have TT, especially in the feature days where 5 scenes a day meant no time for mistakes. They would put TT first to get the day started, and last to make sure they got out on time. TT's short temper with shit talking actors, actresses’ boyfriends, crew members, and later pimps ended with a beating on at least 20 people. TT's love of street fighting had him in many dangerous scrapes, where he would be fighting up to 10 men at the same time. His fast, hard heavy hands finished many with one shot! An eventual lifetime of JKD helped win many fights while never getting seriously damaged. So many actors were petrified to work next to the intimidating TT in a scene, jealous of his godly abilities. In 1996 after conquering performing TT was offered a distribution deal with Devil's Film where he could produce, direct and own his own product. Black girls on film were few and far in between, so with Troy's love of Black women his first production was Black Street Hookers #1. The ball took time to get rolling, because TT was still having fun performing for all major companies. By 99 TT had titles coming out twice a month. Hot Latin Pussy was a big hit with the fans. With the help of his good friend Nacho Vidal they would travel deep into dangerous Colombia where people were still being kidnapped, and they were able to pull out the hottest Latin series ever! TT Boy was now not only the pioneer of Black Movies, but Latin Movies as well! The new millennium started with TT's new brand, "EVASIVE ANGLES" where he made sure every movie had the best of the best, and it had a cast of black actors fucking every pretty girl. “Spanish Fly Pussy” was first, then the spectacular "Orgy World" series, which included, "Brown n Round", "Oriental Orgy World", “Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy”, and "Next Level". In 2003, TT took over his library from Devil’s Film and started distributing by himself without any real business knowledge of the game. By 2004 he was kicking ass until a big bomb dropped on the industry. The whole business and ignorant outsiders, blamed TT for the HIV outbreak which shut the whole business down. Cal OSHA decided to make an example out of TT and his companies, mainly to make a way into the business. For the next 6 years TT was attacked monthly by these parasites, a pure hell. Even through all the torture, TT and his companies shined through. Once again pioneering ideas that were always copied, ideas such as: Mothers and Daughters, Step Sister, Step Mother, Step Brother, all the kink ideas. TT started these ideas in 2005, and they were copied and are actually the main genres of porn today. TT Boy stopped performing in 2006, when his companies were producing 20 movies a month. His time became limited, too valuable in running his business. By 2016 TT had produced 1500 titles, a library filled with great memories, and some of the hottest, most fun, porn movies ever made!!! During his career TT bedded 11,000 girls, performed in 3,000 movies. Never in the history of porn was there a performer with the strength of TT Boy. Never ever was there a great performer who was smart enough, slick enough and had enough balls to make one of the most successful porn companies EVER… even under fire from the most powerful parasite on the planet.

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